Tuesday 05 April 2016

Miffy-Moo, what do you do? | NEW CHILDRENS BOOK

on Tuesday 05 April 2016 - 16:18:15 | by sasha

Miffy-Moo is a space-tasitc adventure story for young children to learn their general basic education in…


Come join in the cosmic time learning with Miffy-Moo on Moon-Blue.

Author Note From Sasha George:

Though I am an author in many genre’s of interest. I always get excited when my children books come out. Seeing the happiness that parents have that will come with being able to share with their children a togetherness time. A time to see how their interaction can aid in building their children’s education. That is what is so great about parent and children reading time.

Miffy-Moo, What do you do? Made me enthusiastic to produce. Gave me that bit of sadness too. Not being able to be in school to learn the basic understanding of identifying colors, numbers, shapes, and direction. Honestly, I so wanted to have a kiddo’s test just now. Author over excitement right there folks.

Anyhow enjoy this new kids book, and my adult books too. You can find that and more on amazon and other book stores: Author Sasha George Amazon
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