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Welcome to Sasha's Children Reading Room,

My name is Sasha George. Mother of two extraordinary girl’s, Brianna and Elizabeth. An one astonishing autistic boy named Daniel.

I graduated from the Art Institute of California, Orange County 2010. Dedicated myself to be a full time author | artist, for mix medium of literature books -- fantasy, supernatural, poetic, artwork, but felt uncertain at times about stepping into the children genre of book writing.

Throughout all my children’s life, as a mother, I played a very animated characterization role to tell my children imaginative stories. Stories that fulfilled their nourishments in education, seasonal, imaginative and stories to expand their creative perspective.

Then my son Daniel was diagnosed with Autism. I found his learning process quite intriguing. This helped add courage to enter into the Children's literature world. I really wanted to help Daniel a lot, because I found that visually he picked up things more quickly. This is what inspired me to create first autistic children's book called 'Dan's World' (named after him) in 2015. I saw how receptive he was to the methods of learning. Then my youngest request books for her. That was all it took to fuel my passion for writing children books for them and other children.

Sasha's Children Reading Room was then created to bring a wholesome spot for parents and children’s to be engaged with their favorite book characters.

As a parent, relating to other parents, I especially desired a place that was informative and a supportive place.

Thank you so much for visiting!
Author Sasha George