Tuesday 27 September 2016

Dan and Halloween | New Release

on Tuesday 27 September 2016 - 12:45:47 | by sasha



Dan and Halloween explores sibling interaction dealing with autism such as stemming and sensitivity that can become a challenge. Lizzy (Dan’s younger sister) is taught why Dan has difficulties from Grandpa Worm. Along the way she is successful with patience's, understanding, and encouragement to overcome her confusion and be better equip her interactions with Dan and make Halloween the best

Author Note:

Can you believe it? Halloween is in the air and its getting time for that tricker-treat fun. I am so happy to be able to present Dan and Halloween this year. I know many of you have been anxious too. It was suppose to come out last year, but with sickness that plagued me that time of year last year. I was unable to procure this wonderful treasure. With that said "Happy Halloweeny"

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Thursday 18 August 2016


on Thursday 18 August 2016 - 12:27:09 | by sasha
What a great experience to be invited on Autism Live, and be interviewed by Shannon Penrod. The topic was about "Strike One,' a collaborative book with Royce Felten -- a young child who is autistic and cancer survivalist. His mother Jess Nerren sat in his place to speak on his behalf. The experience was amazing.

This is the live interview. Our portion is 1: 27: 09 :

If your interested in the journey to be on Autism Live. Here is that video:

Thank you for all the support in this incredible experience.
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