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on Monday 05 September 2022 - 17:34:29 | by sasha

This past year has been challenging finding time to write/illustrate my beloved children’s book concepts. Moving to a new location allowed me to focus on my surroundings and stability over the year. Now that I have cleared the table of all life’s debris, and once again bring you the endearing stories and characters you love.

One of my first primary focuses is to redo my ‘Dan’s World’ autism book series. When I first came into book production, I was so novice. Of course, I see my former mistakes and yearn dearly to fix them. Bring more insightfulness about the sibling perspective of relating to another sibling with autism and how to aid in an endearing transition to better support.

The second is to finish the ‘ Maestro and the Mysterious Journey ’ book. As stated above, moving to a new location has slowed down the finishing process, and I will resume this process at the end of the month.
Lastly, I have some phenomenal Halloween and Christmas concepts underway that I can foresee turning into short animation features – goals, goals, goals…

Thank you for your consistent support!
Sasha George

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Maestro and the Mysterious Journey | Work in Progress

on Friday 05 November 2021 - 15:35:09 | by sasha
Over a few months, my mind has been racing over a new journey for Sasha Children’s Reading Room. As a mother of younger children, I enjoyed producing books that would help broaden Autism Awareness with siblings, bring toddler minds to a world of educational imagination, seasonal books that bring joy for the holidays.

My children are much older now, and I wanted to grow as a children’s books author by producing my first young adult novel, ‘Maestro and the Mysterious Journey.’ I hope to have it completed for the Christmas Holidays. The book will have fantastic Sasha George Art colorful illustrations to add visual enthrallment to young minds.

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