Monday 12 December 2016

 Ghost Hwy Album Release Party | Astonishing Experience

Saturday, 10 2016

With growing anticipation for this particular day – it finally arrived. Where, my creative compadre Dilly Brigs and I went on our way to experience Bassett Ghost Hwy album release party, in L.A, California. This was to be our ( Dilly and I ) first endeavored interview as journalist for ‘ The Subject Press’.

As an Author, I was already excited to hear the thought processes for everything that lead to this new released Album. Dilly had been to many of these events, so her calm was my calm. We drove off into the night as she explained many of her own appreciative thoughts about Bassett. I to concur because some of his songs helped illuminate a great deal of character passages in my books, which authoring needs music to set a character emotion, and if you cannot feel your character, the reader will know.

The drive was entertaining, but the arrival at Molly Malone (Irish Pub in LA) is where the album release party would be taking place already had a welcoming feel. Bassett’s fans anxiously aligned at the door. You could hear their conversations anxious about viewing entire show. Now this too fueled my passion to participate hearing and feeling what everyone else to found worth celebrating. Inside Molly Malone Bar was impressive. The decoration kept your eyes wandering to see the Irish personality. Service was friendly and quick. Inside the room where we'd enjoy the release party was perfect.

Josh Bassett (Lead Vocalist), Ryan Rice (drums), Corey McCormick (Bass), Conrado Pesinato (guitar), Tak Ozaki (guitar) arrived to begin their set up. Dilly and I took numerous photos. Interviewing fan’s about their thoughts. My question was “Do you find the group to be feeling music to be in the car or is it the kind of music you want to relax and fall into a deep thinking” – majority praised the more deep thinking answer. I found that to be truthful once set up of instruments, sound check, and preparation to play. One detail I did notice Josh Bassett added was a wrapping of scarfs around the mic neck. I recall asking Dilly was this commemorate Aerosmith. (Lead singer Steven Tyler) This fascinated me...

Then it happened. Moment you anxiously wait for. The first song to make or break the moment for guest, fans, family, and friends – all supporters in the room; the sound and vocal’s presented “I’m not Alone.” I felt myself pulled further on the edge of my seat. I heard the dynamic projection of the soul. It had the perfect melancholy that stirred you to understand what was being convey through Josh voice and the band matching his desires to move the audience. They were perfectly in harmony. As I gazed around the room, the entire room came alive. Voyeuristically, I enjoyed seeing the facial expressions. Wondering how this song might relate in someone’s life. A relationship through sound and words – it was incredible.

Another super amazing highlight to the night was receiving dual replay from Josh Bassett for his song Ghost Hwy. Not only did he play it once, but also the secondary time was with the video projected behind him. Hearing it the first time was inspiring. To, visually see how the video connected music to visual left you really immersed psychologically. That is the best place to be when you want to fall into deep thinking.

Over all the night was a success for everyone. Pride on Josh and those who supported him on stage showed their deepest gratitude. Afterwards those who remained after the show came to mingle. Dilly had already known Josh, but when I had the honors to meet the man whose music I listen to when writing. I felt like everyone else in the room. Josh and his group were down to earth. They did not make you feel pressured to make the conversation short. They (Josh and the gang) wanted too equally know who you are, and I think this will make them go far being personable to future fans. Even at the end of the show gave everyone praises.

I give this a ten star experience.

In conclusion, I am grateful to have met Josh Bassett, with Dilly Brigs. To have a personable autograph is most rewarding. However, after the signings, Tak Ozaki (guitar) gave me a remarkable gift. He handed me over the set up list. Now understand I had never been in this position – Author and a new Press Journalist along with Dilly Brigs, handed over a set up list. I just could not imagine why a piece of paper was so important. Then it was explain to me that a set-up list is very collectable to fans. It is just as precious as my fans are when they receive the very first drawing to my art.

Please check out BASSETT if you are in the mood to fall into deep thinking. I highly recommend it. It is worth supporting a group who simply understands emotions. Check more out at the official site:

Thank you for making Dilly Brigs and my experience the best one.
Josh Bassett and Everyone!! MUCH LOVE XXOO

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