' Save Yourself' is a fantastic, uplifting self-affirmation song written & sung by Sasha George, and produced by RIAA Multi-Platinum, Oscar/Grammy Nominated Musician/Producer/Arranger/Composer Ronnie King. It is based on experiences trying to express unique creative ways that life might inspire but often found that others always tried to fix or redefine the innovative individual -- as if thinking outside the box was unnatural.

Thank you all the supporting our recent SINGLE.

 4th International Corn Man Day

Today is the 4th International Corn Man Day.

The goal for International Corn Man Day is to find one way we can reduce our processed corn intake. Charles Wiley, our good friend, and creator of Corn Man also explains this in a interview I did with him on my Insomnia Hour Talk Show. He also has great illustrated books that give insightfulness about it.

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 Author Humor

I can only imagine this is what my older book characters feel when seeing that I'm focused on a new book character concept-- absolutely livid. Ah, the bemusement of my mood today writing.

 House of Blood Series Update

"Blood Never Looked So Much Sweeter" -- HoB quote.

It has been a long journey for the House of Blood book series, and I have started finishing up writing book 6, 'The Blood Equinox,' which is coming out this new year.

I am slowly remastering each paperback book(s) and joining them to be a solid hardcover merger. It will be an exciting release for many fans who have been waiting. I do apologize for the long pause in the series.

Lastly, I just finished the audio recording for 'A Vampires Remorse,' which is now being edited for the audiobook release. Lots going on behind the scenes!

Buy Paperback today:

A vampires Remorse

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 Musical Journey Collaboration

I have had the honor to work alongside Multi-Platinum, Oscar/Grammy Nominate Musician / Producer / Arranger / Composer Ronnie King on numerous projects. He is an inspiration in all that he does, especially inspiring me as my mentor and treasured friend.

This June, he is opening his fantastic studio, Chateau Relaxo, where we can collaboratively produce new music together. I cannot wait to share with the world this remarkable musical journey...

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 RIP Marion Skydancer Legendary Stock Model

I am truly choked up right now. I can't even breathe, nor fathom the reality of this, but I just found out only moments ago my remarkable / collaborative friend Marion Z Skydancer has passed. What a tremendously huge loss I'm trying to cope with.

He was a gifted and insightful man. Filled with mystical outlooks, cultural wisdom, and a passionate creative ambassador. His stock breathed inspiration into many Sasha George Artworks, book covers, and other artists to create artwork using his stock modeling photography.

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 Latest Photos and Books Sitings

It is a great honor when your book is given enthusiasm by fans who read it. Still, when it is given the highest recognition from musicians and blackfly’s eyewear company team holding your creative ideas' hard laboring work, it is humbling. I truly appreciate these fantastic creative souls who’ve shown me sincere support.

Thank you so much! Here is a bit of background about the moments and photos.

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 Specter Within Release

Happy to announce my latest publication, ‘Specter Within.’ This ghost story takes you on a unique storyline that is entirely psychological and suspenseful. Below you can enjoy my audio reading, and if you are interested, a link below to obtain your copy.

Purchase your copy:

 Hold on to Love | Acrylic Painting | Wedding Gift

It is sometimes hard to find true love or love that matters, which you will sacrifice to ensure it lasts forever. I can honestly say in my lifetime; this experience has happened to me. However, my experience did not make turnabout how I wished it happily ever after. I am overjoyed when I find couples who show that incredible love to themselves and the world. Such a loving couple is my newest friends Robert Hale and Ariell Benter.

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 I n d i v i d u a l i t y | Motivation

Today remember to always be your own individual thinker. Stand out. Be unique. Never-ever try to change someone because you feel your way is better. Individuality is not meant for conformity -- it is to be inspirational. Inspire growth. Stop stepping on it; walk past it if you find it not your forte'.

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 New Poetic Canto in Works

The last poetic canto I wrote was 'The Huntsman Stole My Heart,' which won a magnificent trophy for poetic achievement.

This year, I want to submit a new book concept with a more gothic presence and not so much a tragic love story.
My poetic canto ingenuity writing is my favorite form of writing and my most vigorous literary mastery because William Shakespeare has always inspired me. Not to mention, I was born on his birthday.

I've always professed in my interviews that his spirit is a conduit for my poetic articulation.

Note: The book's title is yet to be picked. I have several in mind and will announce it closer to Halloween. I promise - promise.

 My world

My world is a wonderment of
vast multi-faceted ingenuity...

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 Twin Flame | Acrylic Painting | Sasha George Art

What a tremendously heartwarming compliment. This beautiful soul just received one of my Sasha George Art paintings, which was purchased for her birthday by her son. I always get teary eyes hearing about how my painting creates a deep emotional connection for the new owner. It instilled hope in me that I intuitively knew someone out there was seeking this element of expressionalism. Super, super, super glad you love it, Christina Berryhill Williams.

 Wednesday Motivation 10/20/21

It is Wednesday!

You can get through this week!! If you have a moment to appreciate, your surroundings do so. If you are in a moment of hardship, find something to fixate on to alleviate all your frustrations. The middle of the week is a stopping point 'ALWAYS' to take that necessary breath to recalibrate your well-being.

For me, that happy fixation is staring at tulips. They remind me of many points in my life which make me at peace.

Love your soul, folks!!

 R e a l m is now released!

At last, this remastered 'R e a l m' book is now available. I am so pleased to return to this remarkable story and bring the empowering concept back to life within the pages.

Honored to have talented 'Steve Palmerton's' digital painting skillset illuminate this book cover to life.

R e a l m is a very daunting place filled with mythical creatures, good and bad. A world that is currently holding a secret, which will change the fate of two individuals. One will be seduced into a transformation from good to evil, and the other awakened from an evil path to become good. However, for what purpose? R e a l m is the first introductory book into Sasha George’s dark fantasy world – wizards, dragons, magic, fairies, mermaids, and more.

 Dott Connector agency/ DCA

Behind the scene's I have been fortunate to work with Dott Connector agency/ DCA connecting me to amazing people in the industry to collaborate with. It has also been a great contributor to the Insomnia Hour Talk Show guest list.

Now I am humbled, grateful, and enthusiastic as DCA represents the (name and product) of Sasha George. I am anxious to go far and eager to make them proud for choosing to represent me.

All this information and more is being updated on my contact area on my official website

 Self-Love | Motivation

A day for well-being is essential these days, because of the covid. Being socially distant and indoors every day challenges our sense of well-being. We forget to take a moment out of taking care of everyone else and lose foresight of our well-being. So today, I am asking you to stop and give yourself a bit of love

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 O c t o b e r 2020 | N e w s l e t t e r

October is already halfway through, and my plate of to-dos is quite extensive. Sometimes I wake up trying to delegate myself from the most straightforward task to the most vital project while maintaining everyday living responsibilities. You know, the usual cleaning, being a mom, paying the bills, doing the errands, workouts, and finding a smidgeon slot just to be me.

Everyone asks, “Sasha, how I do it?”

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 Collaboration with Ronnie King

April 21, 2020, Ronnie King reached out, inquiring if I would like to collaborate on a Costa Rica project for him. I was ecstatic to take on the assignment. I must admit that working together felt very natural, communication never ceased throughout the project, and in the end, the task turned out to be a significant success.

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