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Wednesday 26 August 2015
NEW RELEASE | Dan's World Series

Dan's World is a unified authored book series by:
Sasha George & Synoeun Carlson.

This Children's Book over all concept is about a young worm named Dan that has autism. Who is assisted by his younger sister Lizzy, Grandpa worm and friends help Dan do simple steps. Steps that help Dan's involvement with unique situations in his life.

Dan and the Apple is book one to the series. In this book Lizzy and Grandpa help Dan in simple steps to taste a juicy red apple, which has fallen to the ground. Dan and the Apple is a book that all children will enjoy, and understand that trying new foods can be difficult. All it takes is a little patience's, and a whole lot of loving support. Making even an apple become yummy

Thank you again to Fullerton Cares Autism Foundation team for being a major supporters. Who this book is also dedicated to for their amazing passion for aiding autistic children, and parents.

You can now buy this adorable Children's Book at Amazon: Amazon Paperback

Saturday 15 August 2015
Autism Childrens Book | Coming Soon!

Exciting News. I have been working with Synoeun Carlson on the endeavor to collaborate designing autism children’s book. It has 25 colorful hand drawn/colorized illustrations done by Sasha George Art, and collaborative story with Synoeun and myself.

I am very passionate about this, because my son has autism. Trying to aid in his learning I’ve noticed is always being repetitive. His focus sometimes is hard to obtain. I felt colorful illustrations, and key words that are of…ten said repetitive. A great step to help grow his focus on the task for him, and other children needing a visual with story for learning.

Synoeun works in the autistic field. With her knowledge and background taught for special steps to help an autistic focus. She is amazing

This has been a real treat broadening my understanding, and utilizing my artwork for a good cause.

Title is still pending, but this story is helping children (not just autistic) get comfortable trying new foods. Me and Synoeun are sincerely happy about this step into helping children
Monday 10 August 2015
Lets Talk about the House of Blood
Sunday 02 August 2015
T u m b l r !! I have a r r i v e d

For the past few years I have always remained focused on twitter/facebook. Great social media's that I knew were always so interactive for me. However, I have come to realize that everyone has their social media preferences. Sometimes you have to venture out to indulge in your fan's favorite past time social media area.

Today I am announcing that I am on tumblr. It is going to be an exhilarating step to learn the interface, understand the mechanic's to display announcements, blogs, and other insightful things you love so much about my personality.

So, if you have tumblr please feel free to add me.
Saturday 01 August 2015
Into the Enchantment | Paperback Release

Into the enchantment was produced many months ago, with friend Jack Christie (editor) for kindle format only.

Now it has been updated to an appropriate paperback version. Suitable for hand held art enthusiast for conversation, or adding to your collectors library.

This book is also Volume 1 to the Sasha George Art series. Giving you the chance to see the artworks you love 2014 - 2015 , and behind the art scene's too.

I know many of you have been anxiously waiting for the conversion. Thus, I am so pleased to present this to you art lovers.
Friday 24 July 2015
The Signs | Book 3 | House of Blood Series

At last I have finished the next illustrated book cover.
The Signs | Book 3 | House of Blood Series
It represents Natasha Blood coming to light of 'The Signs'
that suggest the Vampire Prophecy is true..

House of Blood Book 2, had quite the revelations about the families past to the present. Which had quite another cliff hanger ending. I love things like that. Make you want more, because there is so much to be told and held back. So, deliciously deviant of me -- I know. Thank me later.

'The Signs' release date is at the end of September (pending).
Friday 17 July 2015
Reviews are in | House of Blood Series

Thank you everyone for your amazing support for House of Blood book series. I am so amazed at the encouraging words. Fantastic praises. I am so speechless and humbled. Seriously thank you for these astonishing reviews. I look forward to hearing your reviews for House of Blood book 2. With all my gratitude thanks for believing in me as an author.

Book 3 is underway. Alas, the book cover and title is still pending. I am aiming for end of September for this one to be released, and with inside illustrations too. I heard a few individuals who liked that about book 2. Why not continue to lavish the books with dark pretty things right?
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