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 Collaboration with Ronnie King

April 21, 2020, Ronnie King reached out, inquiring if I would like to collaborate on a Costa Rica project for him. I was ecstatic to take on the assignment. I must admit that working together felt very natural, communication never ceased throughout the project, and in the end, the task turned out to be a significant success.

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sashaonTuesday 09 June 2020 - 19:54:41

 Lost and Found | New Release

At last, ‘Lost and Found’ is finally complete and available to buy. I have been so busy behind the scenes with writing novels and children’s books, filming a documentary, maintaining podcasting show, video/audio editing, and many other things. I am truly grateful and blessed to at last finish this amongst all that is going on.

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sashaonTuesday 09 June 2020 - 18:33:08