STONE: A Meeting on the Battlefield | Book Cover Illustration Art

I had meet Nicole Shay and Jamie Pennington in a fun creative community for writers. Neither had any idea I had already authored several books. I observed their interactions with one another, two collaborative writers, but unaware that they could do so much with their creative writing. As days progressed we 'associated' with one another on the phone. I had expressed great amount of support for them to step out of their comfort zones to become what they were meant to be. Their style of descriptive imagination needed to be seen by the world. I am so pleased that through their uncertainties, and learning about my own challenges to strive for my authorship. That I had inspired them to work on their very first book.

Saying you believe in someone's dream is one thing, but I wanted to show them how to open the doorways to make it happen. When they needed a boost of confidence I was glad to be there. My greatest joy was to present to them a gift. A wonderful cover illustration to represent their first extraordinary step into their authorship journey. I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt to show them each progression as it went along. Knowing that it is exactly how they vision their first book illustration.

These two woman are remarkable. I truly hope that anyone who reads this courageous story will know how vital a authorship dream is -- especially a collaboration between two woman who live in two completely different states. It isn't an easy task to always have motivation to write, but when you accomplish it with others to support you over the finish line. That is what dreams are all about -- making it happen. When you find someone to inspire you. Then in the end you become the inspiration to others because you did it. I'm glad they can say they did it.

STONE BOOK ILLUSTRATION --took 4 days to be exact in the production phases. In the illustration you can see how the progress went. I started off with male character (Dario portrayed in the novel ). Digitally painting is definitely like painting on a canvas but without the gaudy mess. Eventually the landscape came into play, lighting, the female character (Keri portrayed in the novel), but in the end the entire piece functioned well visually.

I choose to make the colors about them very neon since the background of the story is based in Las Vegas. Who doesn't enjoy seeing all those vibrant neon lights? The scheme bled over into the background were of course blood markings were place due to the murderous action inside it.

I am glad it came out as the best for all of our approval. I look forward to working with them again or book 2.


Jamie Pennington:

In choosing someone to create a cover illustration for our book, really there was no other choice other than our first one, which was Sasha George. Not only was it her encouragement that gave us the ambition to turn our talented writings into a book, but her full out drive in her own life that was such an inspiration for me. She makes everyone want to strive to be their very best by leading with example alone.

Sasha is a very inspiring individual from her real life personal triumphs, to her heartfelt work with Autistic children. That combined with the multiple levels of diversity in her talents for writing and artwork are simply astonishing. It’s not too often that you find someone who has reached out and touched their own dreams, grabbed them and allowed themselves to feel that pride, yet stayed humble enough to give back and pay it forward. She has helped us on our journey whole hardheartedly without asking for anything in return but recognition for her art work. That is a gift beyond measure to. So in short, Sasha’s heart is what drew me to my choice.

Nicole Shay

When Jaime and I first began speaking with Sasha, we had no clue she was an Author. She mentioned to me that she had been reading some of our writing, and began encouraging us with the thoughts of being "book" worthy. I have been writing stories for years, and never truly believed in my own talent until this beautiful person came along, having so much faith in us and our own ability to entertain others and create even more phenomenal ideas.

As a struggling single mother, it was sometimes hard to imagine that I could actually chase my dreams and reach for the stars. Sasha George is a genuine light in this world and a true inspiration with a kind heart. I feel truly blessed our paths have crossed, and knowing her is to love her as a person, a writer, a mother and the caring soul that she is. I will forever cherish her friendship and love working together. Her illustrations are so beautiful, followed by the heart she puts into each stroke of the pen and paint. So of course, I absolutely loved the idea of her building the cover for our first book and couldn't be more happier with her work.

sashaonSunday 24 July 2016 - 02:56:34