Yesterday | World Thrombosis Day

Yesterday was World Thrombosis Day:

Blood clots formulate in your veins to slow down or become blocked in the arms or legs.

I suffer chronically from Deep Vein Thrombosis ( Factor V Leiden) in the left leg. I consistently fight for my life so when clots formulate it does not dislodge and go into the lungs for a pulmonary embolism. It is a deadly medical condition, but I work hard to keep myself healthy, exercise, and take blood thinners to prevent such circumstances of the silent killer.

I have pushed hard to lose weight, use my creativity as a therapy to ease my worrisome mind, and leave a legacy behind for my loved ones and fans. Every day is a victory for me and I keep striving to be strong for others.

Today, please stand with me to support individuals like myself striving to stay present and survive daily with this atrocious risk factor.

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