Latest Photos and Books Sitings

It is a great honor when your book is given enthusiasm by fans who read it. Still, when it is given the highest recognition from musicians and blackfly’s eyewear company team holding your creative ideas' hard laboring work, it is humbling. I truly appreciate these fantastic creative souls who’ve shown me sincere support.

Thank you so much! Here is a bit of background about the moments and photos.

Anxious Annie, the band, was given a dedication shout-out in my book. I have been a fan of theirs for many years; they eventually hired me to handle their media/web page. So, it was their wish to take a picture with my book showing their utmost support for 'Specter Within' .

Famed Singer/Model/Actor Mugshot Mic (aka Mike House), a model -feature on the front cover illustration for ‘Lost and Found Book Two,’ brought copies of autography novels to BlackFly Eyewear to pose a picture with the book. I am so pleased to hear they enjoyed their gift, and I am happy to have received their sunglass gift. What an honorable exchange.