Short Film Collaboration | Scott Essman

When I was attending the Art Institute of California, my creative drive derived from the education and trust fueled by my instructors, I thank every one of them for molding me. When it came to filming, Scott Essman helped teach me about working with actors, make-up, scripts, set crew, camera technology, and giving me the responsibility to be an assistant director.

So, I have been craving to once again work on a project with Mr. Essman. He’s always been a happy enthusiast to collaborate with me. My goal is to write a short film, nothing too weighty in production but independently logical to produce.

I want to release my latest new novels this month to free up my time and present him with my short film concept. I am so excited to tap into my filming roots and work with Mr. Essman’s guidance again because great things come from his visionary participation.