THE SUBJECT PRESS| Behind the scenes

In 2010, I graduated from the Art Institute with two major degrees. One was Game Art & Game Design, and the other is Interactive Media. I had great confidence in these skills sets I studied for, however, life gave me a curve ball. Life tried to strike me out when diagnosed with chronic blood clotting issues called Factor V Leiden deep vein thrombosis; and a year later after having my son who had been diagnosed with Autism.

I had joined a many groups to understand autism. In one of these groups I met, a woman named Dilly Brigs, whose daughter is also autistic. Dilly’s advocacy in the autism world helped me a great deal with her insightful resources. Yet, it went further from that – Dilly informed me she was a journalist for (The Center Stage Magazine) and interviewed me. Our relationship blossomed from that day forth, inseparable you might say.

Over the course of a year, I had worked on my artwork and books. However, part of me yearned to further myself in other creative fields I had been train in: Producing, Video Editing, Motion Graphic Designs, Audio Design, and so much more in interactive media. Tools of the entertainment trade left to collect cobwebs and dust.

One day I found the gumption to ask her if she would be interested in starting ‘The Subject Press.’ I did not want the traditional magazine labeling at the end. I yearned to have it a place that tells everyone’s topics. How happy she was to agree on it. Dilly offered to come on The Subject Press as, Music Team Leader due to her extensive background, as a music guru living, breathing, and loving the music world. Did I agree to that? No – pft, this woman had more to offer then that. Let’s say we matrimony on the concept and became full partners. Thus, the incredible ‘The Subject Press’ was born.

Presently, from our launch in March The Subject Press has brought to the frontline some amazing interviewed stories. This is just another branch out into my life that I am so exhilarated to share with you. I do hope that those of you who follow my creative side will support this side too. You can view The Subject Press activities in these three links listed below:

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