Who is Sasha George?


Graduate of Art Institute of California – Orange County; was to be Sasha George career change. Her desires were to become a game designer and major in Game Art & Game design. Right before she graduated, during her pregnancy, she was diagnose with factor V Leiden (a chronic blood clotting disorder). The clot forced her to fight for her life and her unborn son’s life for three half weeks. This situation forced her to have an induced labor.

It was emotional enough to know that you will forever been dealing with a clotting disorder, but a year later to find out your son was diagnosed autism. These new trials and tribulations negotiated her future by changing her major to Interactive media. This gave her an extensive development in filming, web coding, audio, storyboarding, graphic design, editing video, and more.

However, after graduating she received numerous replies over her resume that she was to overqualified. In addition, the liability with blood clotting had been made mention, but the true struggle was her son required tremendous amount care. Leaving her unable to qualify for a normal job. Her heart wanted to spend all she could to help her son's development.

Rather than allow herself to sink into depression. Sasha George turned to writing, which now is twenty-two books ranging from fantasy, fiction, children, poetry, artworks, and more to come. However, the biggest project in the works is her autobiography. A goal to accomplish it before a clotting issues eradicates her from this world.

Her stories have also recently inspired musical/songwriter Jerry Hull to write a single song for ‘The Man in the Other Room,’ book also co-authored with Author Daniel Caine, which is an espionage spy book based in the 1950’s. She is also coordinating with musical talent Billie Stevens on a musical project (Updates on project will come later).

Sasha George is also owner and producer for The Subject Press, with her famed journalist partner Dilly Brigs (who has been at her side as her authorship publicist.) As two mothers who have autism children. These two woman merged grand scale innovations to make an impact with their entertainment press site -- featuring them recently on Kaoticradio.com. The Subject Press is a place that touches on music, film, culinary, literary, fashion, Fullerton Community, and believe everyone has a subject to tell from the creative side.

For now Sasha George aims to accomplish as much as she can before the blood clotting factor's win. Leave an impression on the world, and leave a part of herself for her family an friends.

I am innovating the world one day at a time.” Quotes Sasha George