Marion Skydancer


I am truly choked up right now. I can't even breathe, nor fathom the reality of this, but I just found out only moments ago my remarkable/collaborative friend Marion Z Skydancer has passed. What a tremendously huge loss I'm trying to cope with.

He was a gifted and insightful man. Filled with mystical outlooks, cultural wisdom, and a passionate creative ambassador. His stock breathed inspiration into many Sasha George Artworks, book covers, and other artists to create artwork using his stock modeling photography.

His visionary stock photography and wizardry costumes were always spectacular to see shared on all social media. His heartfelt commitment to work with me was a genuine blessing. I couldn't ask for anyone who could portray the wizard/patriarch, vampire/ and other characters I designed around him.

I remember meeting him on Deviant Art in 2010, viewing all his posted stock art on his Dragon's Chyld Studio. He always understood my ideas, wanton to project in everything, and this teamwork continued throughout the years.

He was so proud to become one of my leading characters in the House of Blood book series, the Patriarch 'Cornelius Blood.'

RIP Marion! I will continue to immortalize your soul in all that I create as you have always enjoyed! Your presence will be missed sorely in the artistic community. Thank you for everything, my wizard friend.