Ronnie King

April 21, 2020, Ronnie King reached out, inquiring if I would like to collaborate on a Costa Rica project for him. I was ecstatic to take on the assignment. I must admit that working together felt very natural, communication never ceased throughout the project, and in the end, the task turned out to be a significant success.

Amazing experience. I thought to myself, assuming that was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

You see, Mr. Ronnie King is a Multi-platinum, Oscar, and Grammy-nominated. Diamond certified (more than 10 million units) producer, composer, arranger, musician, and philanthropist -- who was suggested through Dott Connector Agency/DCA to utilize my skillset(s).

There was a lot to explore about this genuinely gifted man’s history. How on earth can you identify all his accomplishments? His portfolio is quite formidable, and it so happens another collaboration arose to utilize my voice. Mr. King had written a fascinating snippet about his musical background. An intimate portrait to get somewhat acquainted with him – giving me the honor once again to work with him. The result was an audio recording illuminating Ronnie King’s bio snippet for those who prefer listening over reading. I have also included the audio in this read for your listening pleasure.

My entire prolific authorship reign is officially rooted in fiction novels, poetic canto's, artwork, and children’s book world. Never in a million years would I have fathom stepping foot out of those genres to bring to life a profoundly sentimental biography expressing Ronnie King’s journey. The first book is ‘7 Major Keys,’ which is a prelude to more books to come. I am putting heartfelt attention to bringing it to life alongside Mr. King and another contributor John Gillespie.

Book Release is now released.

To find more about Ronnie King. Visit his official site: