Monday 29 October 2018

 The Song Beautiful | Written and Produced by Sean Silas | A wonderful song gift.

There are people who are in your life that see your trials and tribulations. When you come to the lowest point in your life, they see your tears and pain while you try concealing it, and focusing on the world instead to make sure, they live life optimistically. I put the world before me, always.

In return, songwriter/producer Sean Silas had come to my rescue during a hardship in my life (as many others did). During a time I felt very unworthy. Even though each day I wear smile so the world felt a falsified stability in me. For I did not want anyone to be overwhelmed with my inner beautifully broken self.

As a artisan who works daily on his own emotions. He wrote this song, as a gestured gift, to fill me up with new strengths, and to relook at myself as a beautiful soul that provides so much for everyone around me.

Thank you for making this song for me Sean. Reminding me that my life to the world is 'still' beautifully needed, as I glue back my broken pieces. Your friendship is treasured always. May this song, as you quoted on youtube, also rejuvenate other lost souls to feel beautiful again.

Published on youtube Oct 28, 2018 / Written and produced by Sean Silas

sashaonMonday 29 October 2018 - 16:12:51