December is nearing its favorite highlight of the month -- Christmas....

Of course, there are some of us who are not typical fan's of shopping. May protest this merriment? However, what is reasonable to say is the beauty of this month is giving. That is what I love most about it too. Hearing about all the wonderful changes people do to bring life to others. Showing we are not numb to show a little bit of love and compassion.

December has had many great things happening for me too. Projects. Books. Art. New People. Experiences. Things that I am striving to announce and relate in this newsletter. What is most important before I begin is wishing all of you a truly a Merry Christmas.


The Signs | House of Blood Series | Book 3 -- Reviews have been pouring in about this latest edition to the storyline. I'm grateful to receive questions and theories. Gives me things to prepare for book 4 [AMAZON ]

Dan and Christmas | Dan's World | Book 2 -- Synoeun Carlson and I enjoyed bringing to life this holiday book. A book that helps an autistic worm dealing with changes in the home. So, glad to hear the wonderful feedback from parents, and children. [ AMAZON ]

(Upcoming Interview):

I am very fortunate to have been contacted by Dilly Brigs. A journalist who works at Center Stage Magazine.

My extreme excitement is having the opportunity to be interviewed by such a talented and gorgeous journalist. A interview date is pending, and certainly hopeful after the holidays.

I would like to also take this opportunity to send her daughter best wishes for the holiday. Since she had to endure some time this month in the hospital.


Amazing Royce Project: Jess Nerren has an incredible boy name Royce. He is a 10 year old with autism/cancer. She had let me know that Royce had some thumbnail idea's about a vision he wanted to create, a book.

I was humbled by the fact they wished to allow me into this creative world that he's drawn. With his parental consent, we are now on that journey, and to bring to life his imagination.

In January when things begin to settle down from the holidays. I'm happy to announce that the three of us will be sitting together. To give Royce a true step forward into this creative reality. Offering the world his inspiring imagination, and to see that sense of accomplishment on his face.

January Upcoming & In the Process Books:

At this given moment I am still working on two novels, Blood Clot /Weight Loss Journey and two children books.

  • R e a l m is my first fantasy/Fiction novel that will divulge into a whole other world. I have been working on it for some time. When I feel that it is nearing that final chapter. My mind of course adds more to the illumination of possibilities. The date is still pending.

  • Magdalena Descendants | House of Blood Series | Book 4 has become production immediately after the first novel was released. I couldn't sleep, honestly. I kept seeing the various outcomes in my mind. Naturally I had to obey my creative mind. No rest when you love writing so much. Release date End of January, hopeful

  • Dan's World Book 3 | Flower Friend - I love doing children's books. Having children to read my child like personality (at times) to them, and seeing their reactions. Oh the beautiful joy to continue to create for them. Dan's World Book 3 will reflect on sounds. Flower Friends teaches children about when a friend sometimes doesn't listen.

  • Blood Clot / Weight Loss Journey Past two years I have worked really hard to save my life from two conditions that threaten it. Though I will never be truly saved from my chronic blood clotting issues, but I know many people ask me how I endure it. Be open about the reality of the journey. So, with courage from everyone about me. I descended to write about a topic about myself with these life changes and hardships endured.

For the Children Project:
For Christmas I had aimed high to gain donations to give a child a book. The goal was semi-successful, but I wasn't able to gain the goals in my head. So, I'm taking all the donations and moving them over to a dedicated for all my children books. A all around the year goal to earn donations for children to have a book.

Note: I thank all those who did donate for Christmas. Your funds will continue for the next goal for the children.


Web Page(s): Organization continues on my official web page. Working everyday to move things, delete, and reinvent a place that has been around for 10 years. I sincerely don't want to loose a thing. What you can anticipate:

  • Better browsing of the Art Gallery

  • Blogging area' more categorized to find topics that I've written about, and illuminate spot light on others whom I am so proud to be connected with over the years.

  • Suitable Sites (connected to this one) for my children, adult, art, and other books I've written.

  • I will be updating next month my Cafepress/Zazzle Store after I've finished a substantial amount of these goals.


Fullerton Cares Autism Foundation -- For your continual support to the growing Dan's World Books. I appreciate everything you do for our children with Autistic needs. [link]

MEGA LOVING THANK YOU: To my family, friends, supporters, and readers. MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone.

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