October. The wondrous time of year. When everyone gets into the spooky-side and promote their costume Halloween cheer. It is also a great time to share these goodies to add to your trick-er-treat bag. On the left hand side you can find my festive things -- witches, vampires, and little pumpkin fairies too. So many things to spoil yourself and those darling children too.

Book Updates

September was to mark three book releases -- The Signs (House of Blood Series Bk3), Realm (Book1), and Dan and Halloween (Dan's World Autistic children's book series). I had not anticipated getting sick during September. Blood clotting issue and a terrible cold. These health issues put me a tad behind on my endeavors to end the September month with a bang. This I apologize to everyone who anxiously anticipated these releases. I am feeling a little better so we shall see what comes out by the end of this week. Wish me luck...

Artwork | Illustrations

I have some great concepts this month. Three art pieces I really want to push a new thought process on. One is pirates, second is a surreal piece, and another is a biblical sense. Every time I attempt to create these three genre's of art. I end up loosing the creative battle and give up. Not this month -- I vow it. This month I will work diligently to procure these things that some of you have asked for.

Thank you as always for your patience's, and always your support. If you have any questions, request, or concerns. Please don't hesitate to send them my way:
sashaonWednesday 07 October 2015 - 06:03:18