Hold on to Love | Acrylic Painting | Wedding Gift

It is sometimes hard to find true love or love that matters, which you will sacrifice to ensure it lasts forever. I can honestly say in my lifetime; this experience has happened to me. However, my experience did not make turnabout how I wished it happily ever after. I am overjoyed when I find couples who show that incredible love to themselves and the world. Such a loving couple is my newest friends Robert Hale and Ariell Benter.

Backstory: It was initially Robert Hale, who I met first several months ago. Our conversation started with the discussion of proper running shoes, and that was how the fantastic friendship began over the topic of running shoes, hahaha.

Present Date: Several weeks ago, I noticed an announcement my friends are now engaged, and I wanted to get the essentials they posted on their registry naturally. Frankly, I find wedding gifts should also have heirloom importance -- a genuine representation that immortalizes their commitment to love one another and pass it down to their children.

So I began drawing a concept that would bring to life why that singular, heartfelt moment unifies love, and that is a bond, unlike no other.

Once the drawing is a pencil outline, you can view image example two; the primary goal was to see a visible connection between the couple uniting their heart. I drew it in pink to show you.

In example three, you can see the progression. The woman is holding on to the tree, bravely reaching out to the one she loves. He has shown his ultimate commitment to their future by wrapping a rope around a rock to concrete his loyalties. The rope he extends out to his love represents their commitment as a wedding ring through sickness and health.

There is more that connects the heart, and that is the soul. These two get their strength from their soul-connection, and the tree’s colorful leaves represent that. The woman is holding the blue tree which is his soul, and the tree on the right is her purple that fuels him to do such a miraculous feat to have and hold his future wife. You might note she is wearing purple and he is in blue -- a continual union.

The overall painting took me few days to conceptualize and paint. I am so happy at the results and see the vibrant smiles from these lovebirds from an unexpected Sasha George Acrylic Art Piece. I do love producing meaningful art and inspiring moments that are treasured forever.

Robert Says:
"Thank you so much Sasha George, you are amazingly
creative and we will cherish this piece of art forever!"

Ariell says:
"Thank you so much Sasha George it is an absolutely beautiful painting"