O c t o b e r 2020 | N e w s l e t t e r

October is already halfway through, and my plate of to-dos is quite extensive. Sometimes I wake up trying to delegate myself from the most straightforward task to the most vital project while maintaining everyday living responsibilities. You know, the usual cleaning, being a mom, paying the bills, doing the errands, workouts, and finding a smidgeon slot just to be me.

Everyone asks, “Sasha, how I do it?”

Honestly, I don’t know how I do it – I do as if it’s a natural routine; when you are passionate about something, you somehow find the motivation to make it happen. Now I can confess I am not speedy with everything. It takes time and energy to progress on a project. It is theoretically possible to misconstrued Sasha George as a proficiently fast worker, she makes it look easy, but I am not always. I hasten to a certain degree because I went to school for it to understand technology shortcuts. Once you get the tools down you can shovel your way through it all.

Now let me set the stage to enlighten you of all the current tasks/and/updates that are going on in the Sasha George World behind the scenes before New Year.


I have four web pages that I am focused on updating by the end of the year. Part of my daily multi-tasking is hard-coding Html, PHP, and css to elaborate my out-of-the-box graphical presentation thinking. It is hard to believe that one person can tackle so many seated job positions.

Sasha George Art(s):

Many people have been inquiring about Sasha George Art's digital art, acrylic paintings, and illustrations. How can they buy it or collaborate?

  • Currently, my digital artwork's primary location is on cafépress, which I am updating for Christmas, but the product is there for purchase. [Art Store]

  • My commission acrylic paintings has been through word of mouth, yet, I am in the process of expanding it more broadly. An area on my web site is in the process of being constructed

  • As for collaborative illustrations, there has been an excessive amount of high demand. Collaborative illustrations is on pause until I finish my current obligations. My goal is to establish a primary calendar for this site to show the production timeline. Giving people less disappointment when they feel they’ve asked too many inquiries about production.

New Releases Books(s):

Specter Within - I have been working on this book for three years. There is a lot to devotion trying to plan a empowering plot for a primary character's death and the deceit weave around it in the afterlife. I am very excited about the publishing on October 31st. Halloween would not be spectacular with a haunting specter.

Lost & Found Part 2 - Lost and Found successfully hit the heart of many readers who found themselves appreciating this psychological suspense novel. The number of emails/reviews/pictures with regular and new fans posing with this book has touched my heart. Due to this high outcry of appreciation, I have news to add for their Christmas excitement; it shall be release for their holiday stockings.

Insomnia Hour Talk Show:

Insomnia Hour Talk Show is on a steady course these past months with incredible interviews. I am so thrilled to share insights about musicians, authors, culinary, and so many more. Though the show is not as regularly as some, I can only do it as much as I can with all my other projects; more topic shows will start flooding in. I’ve received many inquires if I am returning to that side of the talk show people like. I promise it will flourish soon enough.

In other news about the Insomnia Hour Talk Show, it has teamed up with Dott Connector Agency, DCA, which is pretty exciting since it is through the same company that I am in league writing along side with RIAA Multi-Platinum, Oscar/Grammy nominated musician, producer, arranger, composer Ronnie King – for his upcoming book ‘7 Major Keys’.

…many great more things to come. I am sure of it. More importantly as quoted above the web site is under construction with all information flooding in to beef it up.

Collaboration Projects:

Ronnie King – I have been working with Mr. King since April 2020 and written an official article journaling the start of this fantastic timeline. I continue to sit on the cliffhanger edge as all you readers do, the pending date of the ‘7 Major Key’s,’ and I assure you all good things come to those who wait. Behind the scenes, it is in that last stage of overviewing the details, graphics, and fine tuning. Other projects, no doubt, will come in the future with Mr. King. I am exceedingly happy to participate. I look forward sharing it with you all.

Dilly Brigs – In 2018, I begin a collaborative, illustrating Dilly Brigs children’s story concepts. I have already accomplished the illustrations for two of her books, ‘Minda Smallest Sea Lion’ and ‘Molly Moneky Makes a Movein Monkey Town.’ I am currently working on the final installation of her children's book trilogy I owe, and that is ‘My Doddle Dog Says,’ which is due to be released this Christmas. I am happy to have collaborated with these three of her children's books. I hope the illustrations, along with the read, bring joy for all who purchase them.

Joe Waller - I have an official confirmation to start working on the ‘Motion Joe’ children's activity book. You can find a lot about him on his official web site (Motion Joe), but in 2021, an agreeance I will be working on his memoir books. More details about this will come later date.

Anxious Annie -- For the longest time, I have been a fan of this growing music group. Their sound is so dynamic, along with their stage performance draws you. For a few years, I was like any other fan in the audience, taking the pictures and posting it on social media. Then I elected myself to take on their official web page Anxious Annie Music. It was on October 6, 2020; they elected me as their official media producer. Currently, behind the scenes, I am diligently releasing one of their lyric music videos very soon. I am very appreciative they have patience with my already high prolific demanding workload. I only work on Anxious Annie things Sunday.

NOTE: for those with collaboration inquiries, please understand my schedule overwhelmingly booked until the end of the year. I am selective on my projects, but if you feel it is dire to pitch the collaborative project for my attention, please feel free to contact me.

House of Blood Documentary/Memoir Project:

The House of Blood documentary is base on my vampire series. It began when I was diagnosed with Factor V Linden, a terrible blood clotting condition that still, to this day, curses my life. The production of this documentary has, unfortunately, took a standstill due to the covid. It features exclusive HoB theme music produce by Sean Silas. It speaks about the illustration stock models (Elandria, Marion Skydancer, Heather Galiher), representing the primary House of Blood Familia. The designer created the custom House of Blood / Blood Codex, as collectible book David Pirkle, and so much more. Production entirely will resume in 2021 and with a release date too.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing the House of Blood memoir called ‘Why Vampires,’ so that if people wish to hold the same product as the documentary projects in their YouTube library's. This memoir book will illuminate the same foundation the documentary aims to appease fans visually hand held.

Blood Equinox | Book six is still in being written, and due to the intensity of the plots, it has taken me some time to chart down; plus, I have to thumb through the past books to make sure I do not break my continuity of thought process. Fans are fickle, and I love them for their passion for combing through all the details.

Sasha George Children Reading Room:

Sasha George Children Reading Room on Valentines release 'Elizabeth Valentine Challenge,'
a story about a child name Elizabeth who is given a singular piece of paper for her school Valentine's party, and she has to give it to her parents, however, this is the challenge. Both her parents are divorce so who gets the Valentine? This is Elizabeth's heartfelt challenge.

In 2021, the comic book ‘Chronicles of the Star Traveler’ is gearing for its immediate release. It will be the 12th book written, and it marks the first introductory genre to sci-fi. All my children's books reflect life lessons, values, self-strengthening, autism awareness, and, most importantly, imagination.

Grand Ending:

There are so many more things I would love to convey in this October Newsletter, but I think this should be significant amount of creative buffet to keep all your questions pacify until the next one. I do, however, wish to thank everyone who consistently support and share my post. Who take time out of their daily lives to engage in my life long work. My goal is to innovate the world one day at a time. Take you away from the trials and tribulations you face and give you something meaningful.

…with that said, have a great October, and Happy Halloween – be safe. Until then, I will meet up with you in November for another update on all projects.