Featured Sound | Anilah - Medicine Chant

In these few months, I have been lost in the mindset of writing House of Blood Series / Book 5. Yet, in the foreground of my focus, I continue to retain the beckoning to return to R e a l m. Well, to simply uproot from modernism psychological suspense and return to fantasy / medieval is not that easy. Much like the children in C.S. Lewis Narnia, they had to awaken to the magic.

Through Spotify, I found this song by Anilah – Medicine Chant that abducted my soul and literally transport me back into primary artery of R e a l m. I love the wondrous voice. Yearning to heal through the tonal projection and the music is captivating that you certainly want to return to a mythical land filled with unique reasoning.

Take this moment to travel with me. Be allured. Cleansed from modern technology and simply feel that spirit of enlightenment. Please definitely check out this stunning vocalist who understands to move your imagination and rejuvenate your mind through her voice.

sashaonThursday 08 December 2016 - 18:43:43