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The Man in the Other Room is an out of the box thinking for me. However, my creative thinking has many genre’s it wants to tap into; but I have been hesitant about this one – a spy book.

In February 2016, I met Dan Caine. Like many writers, he had that want to step forward into the literary world as a Author. Dan had reflected as any other creative thinker might be faced with and that is a horrendous amount of self-criticism, and deny himself that courage of jumping out of his comfort zones to share with the world; which I understand all to greatly. Yet, he didn't anticipate me breeching through his apprehensive side and pulling him forward out of that shell. Not that he's complaining at this point - HA!

Our circumstance, Dan and I, of meeting one another gave me the privilege to view this creative thinker’s writing. It was remarkable. Dan Caine had depth, passion, and capability to match my search for a masculine potency in a co-authorship for this specific genre.

Initially I did not request co-authorship. I wanted him to enrich his life with his own-authored books. I had never seen someone with an imagination literally take me to a place so easily as he had taken me through his writing for the mafia/crime verse. If he inspired me that much I didn't want the world to miss out on how empowering of a writer he is. I am grateful that I was able to encourage him to finally write his series.

Title: The Markov Rendezvous, a Crime-thriller based around the Russian Mafia.

Oh, that momentous occasion hearing someone listen intently on a story concept that you want them to participate in. Then in that aftermath you hear in their voice a trembling awestruck – awe, from the fact they were most qualified to be your partner. That is what I live for hearing from someone. A chance to take on a very unique project.

Dan Cain is a phenomenal person to write with. I foresee future collaborative books written together. Never once throughout the book had their been a hindrance of another's idea or want to branch off to. We complimented each other expressively building the concept of this book. I really believe people are going to be as sucked into the story as we were writing it.

From the words of Author Dan Caine

Sasha George could not have come into my life at a more perfect or crucial time. I was a struggling individual with no real sense of direction; simply doing all that I felt I could to keep myself and my family afloat. As two people that were collaborating in creative writing for recreational purposes, Sasha began expressing to me more and more how talented and gifted of a writer I am. I always had a humble confidence in my writing abilities and did often desire becoming an Author. However, I lacked the tools and guidance needed in order to do so. Until Sasha and I became associated with one another and she saw the potential in me.

Day by day and weeks that turned into months, Sasha has been relentlessly uplifting and encouraging. Through my own personal ventures, be it failures or successes, she has helped keep me focused and motivated by friendship and example. Her very own vampire series House Of Blood was an initial eye-opener for me that my dreams and goals as an Author can be achieved, further inspiring me to create and build my own world in my upcoming series The Markov Rendezvous, a Crime-thriller based around the Russian Mafia.

From under Sasha George’s wing to the other side of the screen as her Co-Author, I enjoy without end writing with her and working with her. Regardless of the distance between us, I feel she and I thrive in our works together and that the possibilities our minds unlock for one another are endless. Aside from writing well with Sasha, it is the inspiration she gives me and the faith she has in me that has encouraged me to work with her. Upon her offer to write The Man in the Other Room with her, I was ecstatic and grateful that this amazing person with endless creativity wanted to invite me into the phenomenal mind that is Sasha George. It is an honor and a privilege to create books with Sasha, who I believe is an Author that gifts the world with a beautiful, twisted, and thrilling imagination that will be appreciated by generations to come.

Book's Release | Coming Soon

The Man in the Other Room is 90% complete. It is expected to be released before Christmas. The illustration itself definitely promotes the struggles of what could be found in each passage of the chapters. I am absolutely happy and honored to provide our first collaborative book this stunning book cover. It is powerful.
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