Wednesday 13 September 2017

 Author(s) Open Conversatin | Man in the Room | Jerry Hull

Were you unable to listen in on the World debut single for 'The Man in the Other Room' theme book song by Jerry Hull and went live on The Monday Mix ?

Author Sasha George and co-author Daniel Caine are excited to share their insights with you, and reveal a small portion of that epic release in this Author's Open Conversation audio interview where you can hear the journey of the book collaboration, and the collaboration with Jerry Hull for the music single.

For streaming and for purchase available now at The single will be on Jerry's next album due for release around March 2018 and then be available worldwide and of course shall cite collaboration details and credits with pleasure

This Author would like to personally thank The Monday Mix for sharing such a stellar occasion live on their show. Thank you a million times over, and to the fans who support.

The Man in the Other Room novel release date is 9/15/2017


If you missed the show check it out here:

sashaonWednesday 13 September 2017 - 18:02:20

Friday 08 September 2017

 The Man in the Other Room | Theme Song World Premier | Jerry Hull

Jerry Hull Collaboration Announcement
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is a pianist/singer/song & lyrics writer/arranger

Check out! 11Sep Mon 8pm-10pmBST 3pm-5pmET #WORLD #PREMIER #single #release THE MAN IN THE OTHER ROOM theme song from the amazing dramatic book of the same name written by Sasha George and Daniel Caine exclusively #LIVE on Andy? and Jane's The Monday Mix? #jazz #blues #drama #worldPremier #single #book #drama #FilmNoir on Switch Dunmow broadcast from Essex, England

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Wednesday 07 December 2016

 NEW RELEASE | Trials and Tribulations | House of Blood Series | Book 5

[ B U Y ]

Is now officially released
"Blood Never Looked so much Sweeter"
Dominique infamous quote.


"This entire Monarchy and Council is built on protecting us from this so-called prophecy. We were lead to believe that it was for our safety and promised this family legacy to be our balance. Since this 'Sign' has been presented I have seen questionable things that give me gut reasons to distrust what I am being fed. I request that the council seize the Queen for trial." Captain of the guards demanded for Queen Natasha arrest.

Description: Queen Natasha Blood has now become the primary target and focal point to the Monarchy Council she and Cornelius Blood have built over the century. To build a vampiric culture that would have logical habits and not animalistic habits that slay without reason.

Not only she under fire from the political perspective, but also she is face with the decisions of her heart. Does she give up the quest to restore balance as she was expected? On the other hand, does she abandon everything for her heart for Victor, a man she lost centuries ago?

These are the Trials and Tribulations that are herald upon the balance within these pages. Will the vampiric society be shift to restore balance between heaven and hell, but fall into the hands of the incarnate waiting to take hold and make new balance?

...find out as the House of Blood Series continues its saga ..

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