Vast new direction...

Hello, my Insomniacs!   
As promised, many good things are coming.  Behind the scene, there has been a great deal of organization to illuminate a new perspective on the Insomnia Hour Talk Show topics.  
Yes, personable interviews will continue to be part of the show’s usual function.  However, the show will now be traveling outside the studio to visit unique places – volcanoes, old towns, impressive pioneer buildings and forts, cultural events, etc. 
I am happy to announce that the insomnia hour talk show has a new member, Director of Photography Ash Howard, on this new endeavor.  Who will be alongside me in the field of exploration and expressionism – this is so exciting.   We are equipping ourselves with new traveling gear that will help bring a unique quality perspective to thinking outside the box.   
The official updated web page will be launched very soon to give you more interaction and details you crave.  Thank you always for being supportive and taking value in our productions.  
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email: 
Insomnia HouronSaturday 02 April 2022 - 23:37:28
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