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Tonight I had the exclusive opportunity to view 'Master Storyteller,' a new single/music video that will have its premiere tomorrow, December 14, 2022, by Ironwrath.     
Cited from the official web page:   IronWrath is a Cinematic Heavy Metal band of seasoned veterans focused on a theatrical Imaginarium of Hard, Primal and Lucid Metal.   
My dearest Insomniacs, I have been anxiously awaiting, like all Ironwrath fans, for this video to be released. However, after speaking one-on-one with C.G. Ryche, he honored me with seeing it ahead of time. Of course, I was ecstatic to learn more about the concept of 'Master Storyteller,' the new music single/video.     
I received the official link, pressed on it, and watched it, and not too long afterward, I received a text message from C.G. Ryche, asking, "Did you like it." 

DID I LIKE IT? *gasp, gasp, gasp* The simple notion of the term like was preposterous. No, I wouldn't say I liked it, C.G. Ryche. I wanted to bellow back in text messages, and I wanted him to hear it in my voice with profound impactfulness, shouting, "BRAVO! MAGNIFICO! IRONWRATH and C.G.RYCHE FILMS, YOU DID IT."   
Naturally, I am using all my willpower not to give spoilers about the video itself. I can say that the video does not disappoint, providing an important message. 'Master Storyteller' music and articulating vocalized words will genuinely draw you into what we all feel these days, a worldly sensory overload and seeking answers with faith; the music video expresses it empoweringly so.    
You feel and see the dynamic emphasis in the lyrics. The visual storytelling transition is emotionally enthralling ( medical note: do not watch this if rapid transitional flashes cause epilepsy.) Especially adore when you see the band members in their zone providing close-ups intuned to their innovative onslaught of playing & singing. You can tell the musical passion is there – inspiration at its finest. (C.G Ryche; drums, Sean Silas; lead, Anton Petrenko; vocals, Steve Bell; Rhythm, Johnny Blackout; Bass). As a music video should, it kept me watching it repeatedly, wanting to learn the words and partake each time, appreciating the hard work put into this one-of-a-kind extraordinary music video/single.  Overall I was not disappointed, nor will you. 
In conclusion, listen with an open mind, and allow your spirit to connect to the 'Master Storytelling' message. You will appreciate it on numerous levels, whether it's just the fan base on the heavy metal itself or looking to find a new meaningful way of hearing and viewing expressionism in musical faith.   

Be sure to see Ironwrath's remarkable Facebook live debut tomorrow for 'Master Storyteller.' Flyer information is provided above, and Links are provided below: 

Insomnia HouronTuesday 13 December 2022 - 18:49:21
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