Monday 25 April 2016

A.skate foundation for Autism

on Monday 25 April 2016 - 20:38:44 | by sasha
My husband announced that he had signed up our autistic son for A.skate. I knew the pride in his face meant it was going to be a unique experience for our children. Though for me I had never heard of A.skate, and frankly a little apprehensive. Why, was I apprehensive? He told me it was skateboarding. Not only for our son, but it would be open to our daughter.

Okay, skateboarding – skateboarding for an autism child that would inflict possible dangers if the situation provoked his heighten sensory levels. That left my mind in mega perplexity. Many theories went through my mind about the negativity. I did not really share at all with my husband these fears, because I really wanted to believe in this notion that skateboarding could possibly be therapeutic and beneficial. Sure, I was that typical helicopter mom. I be the first to admit I don’t want to witness my kids ouches first hand.

On April 24th we arrived at the location specified. Curiously, from the passenger window I viewed the entire layout first hand. There were many people looming on the outer edge of the skateboard bowl range. No doubt observing the volunteers working with their children to handle being on a skateboard. In the back of my mind, as I unbuckled my seat belt, and I recalled the mission statement they promoted.

Mission Statement:
A.skate - Autism. Skating with Kids through
Acceptance, Therapy, and Education

It was a bit confusing at first on arrival. Especially, if you have never been in this type of environment before it could leave you re-guessing if you should even bother. That is when one of the volunteers, named Alexa, stepped up to the plate to bring us out of the confusion, and into the enthusiasm.

My son (who is autisic) had an amazing time. His volunteer was Ryan that took time to access Daniels response to him and the skateboard. I started to understand now the concept as a whole. It wasn’t simply putting them on the board. It is allowing autistic children to feel enlightenment, through qualified assists. There was nothing in this world more impressionable to me than seeing my autistic child have that vibrant smile – alive, eager, and learning. He did not have any meltdown. Ryan, his volunteer gave my son great benefits that now continue daily asking that question. “Skateboard please. Skateboard please.” Can you imagine my expression that given moment to hear my son, whose speech is delayed, and he says this to me? Okay, I as proud.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I were standing on the sidelines waiting for us to be recognized. Alexa must have seen this poor little girls frustrations not being able to have a chance to experience the same as her brother. Graciously Alexa offered to become the volunteer for Elizabeth. Wow, immediately there was a bond like no other. A young child so afraid of everything now wanted to experience it all through Alexa’s interactions. That showed me a lot about this type of experience. Overcoming not only my fears, but my child who is intimidated about this huge world of opportunity. I'm completely blessed that Alexa was able to coax that much empowerment out of my daughter.

What did I learn through all this? A.skate did more than help my children make everlasting memories through their specific events. It gave me a mother a sense of appreciation that fear or not. These kids were in great care through each volunteer. It was not competitive, but as the mission stated. Yes, I too feel accepted as a mother, therapy to ease my fears that my children were not in danger, and educated that life has organizations who do think outside of the box.

I applaud A.skate and my children’s volunteers for one incredible experience. My family and I will most certainly be returning to this extraordinary opportunity the next time it is offered. This mother commends you.

If you are interested in learning more about A.skate Foundation visit their main site:
Visit A.skate Foundation

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