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Where do you start when you are given the question, "What's your story? What defined you to be who you are today?"


I sit here mulling over the beginning. How did I get from point A, to point B, without leaving a singular detail out? Naturally I ponder will I say too much, or will it be not enough, because I know there are individuals who want to know the whole story, and others who don't want to be left out of the story.  So forgive me if I give the abrupt specifics. Save the more indepth part for a biography of an artist..


A r t i s t D e f y i n g G r a v i t y:


Through the course of my life I have learned a great many valid lesson's.  I learned being a child of divorced parents, struggled with step-parents, deaths, school trials and tribulations, educational challenges, being single mother, starvation, being homeless,  divorce and loosing custody of a child,  physical ailments that hinder me from being like everyone else, being a mother of an autistic child, pulling myself out of depression to loose considerable amount of weight, daily blood clot survivalist, and the list that goes on.


...but I do not regret anything that challenged me so greatly in those lessons. I find what path I've been given makes me a better teacher.  Which does makes sense since my name means -- helper to mankind.    I  know what it is like to feel alone and unsure in the world. 


2008 when I was diagnosed with blood clotting disorder  -- a silent killer the doctors call it.  I 'realized' I had done nothing to touch the world, and to leave a part of me to those that need inspiration.  I also wanted to leave a place where my children, family, friends, and everyone else could come be part of my life, and creative aspirations. That is why I call this defying gravity, because it was what I needed to help me push out of my fears, and fly.


S  a  s h a  G e o r g e  W e b S i t e  Overall Purpose:


Over the years I have acquired a great many skill sets. I try to never limit myself when it comes to adding another creative notch in my innovative world.  This is why I decided to make one official web site that says it all about me, and my jack of all trades. 


A sight that will house all my  writings, artworks, Filmography, journals, video's, people who I work with, and any other subject matter I can provide to those who support my creative side.  Definitely raw and not portfolio'ish.


Most of all you'll see that I'm a person who is extremely personable, and I hate approaching life as if I'm sort of advertisement.  Because I value being a person others can count on.  If I can't be that person you can lean on for a question and common goal your looking for -- I will do my best to guide you in the right direction.


Last but not least

I love questions

Don't hesitate to ask me.


You will see that I put a great deal of laboring passions into my projects. I am an addict to details and information. (but that doesn't replace the fact I am the coffee queen).  I'm extremely professional, and have a great sense of humor too.  When I'm approached by people asking what type of artist/author would you like to be remembered by.  I reply. " Inspirational Guru


Warmest Regards, 


  S a s h a   G e o r g e  in 2015
 Sasha Beck George

 Sasha Beck Bergersen
April 23, 1973
Round Lake, IL.



Pen Name's

Ventesa Dreylock,
Dominique & Natasha
Venus Noctavian,

Madison Pierce


Novelist | Artist | Game Designer
Voice Over | Short Story Writer
Photographer |  Animator
Camera Operator
Assistant Director
Interactive Media Designer

Alma Mater

Art Institute California - O.C

Art  | Book Genre

Gothic, Psychological, Fantasy
Supernatural Fiction,
Dark Fiction,  Romance, Erotica
Strategic War, Biblical, Poetic

Causes close
to my heart

Blood Clotting Victims
Single Mothers

Weight Loss


 Sasha George Art & Book Stores
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I spy the p a s t 

This was my very first drawing to my sister Sonia.  It's little memories that emotionally stand out in my life and show me how far I've come. One day I'll have to return it to my sister because it will be memorabilia to my past.


Crayon was my first medium


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