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Dear Reader,

Welcome to my official web page. A web page inspired after I was diagnosed with a blood clotting disorder.  Everyday is precious to me.

I wanted to create a pure raw personable portfolio site, and memoirs about my life as an author, artist, photographer, parent with a autistic child, blood clot survivalist, weight loss, and so much more.

Over the years I have acquired many skill sets --Jack of all trades.  This is why I decided to make one official web site that say's it all about me. Be more accessible to the growing fan masses who are searching to learn more --whatever the subject matter.


Most of all you'll see that I'm a person who will not talk to you like an advertisement. I'm a personable soul who believes in allowing others to interactive with everything I do.  Because I too, like yourself, have experienced those trials and tribulations,  had many who inspired me to evolve as a person, and I hope that this place will have some sort of value to you.                                                

                                                                       Warmest Regards 


B o o k  R e l e a s e


The Art World of Sasha's Innovations book brings together a large compilation of Sasha George's original digital, photography, traditional artwork  A collector's book with artwork no longer purchasable.

Each piece illuminates an emotional reflection and unique usage of color's to draw anyone into her captivating style of artistry.


Purchase Sasha George Book Today:


AuthorHouse [ buy ]

Amazon -  [ buy ]

Barns & Noble  [ buy ]



S a s h a   G e o r g e
 Sasha George Art & Book Stores
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I spy the p a s t


This was my very first drawing to my sister Sonia.  It's little memories that emotionally stand out in my life and show me how far I've come. One day I'll have to return it to my sister because it will be memorabilia to my past.


Crayon was my first medium

S a s h a Artwork Playlist

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